Foxtrot Studio is a creative studio located in Kansas City, Kansas. We first got our start as a lifestyle brand focused on building products made from canvas and leather. These days, we still make our own handcrafted products right here in our studio, yet we've grown to become a multi-disciplined shop - assisting brands, small businesses, or individuals pursue their ideas through product development, interior design + consultation, and more, all the while showcasing quality goods as our foundation in our humble storefront.


Foxtrot started in 2015. It all began from necessity - by replacing a broken department store belt. Through determination to make something that lasts much longer, the story started to unfold. After creating a belt that worked, looked good, and was made out of a real, gorgeous material, I began to understand the value of creating something beautiful and useful using my own two hands. From there, I set out to create more products that could bring value into our lives.

At Foxtrot, we believe in making and owning (few) things that last, that fit seamlessly into your life, that work hard and look great. That’s why we take our time through the design and testing process so our products stand up to daily wear. We also believe in partnerships which is why we source materials from respected leather tanneries and textile mills. We believe it's worth the effort to go just a little further with our materials and sources, even when it feels like something is "good enough."

For Foxtrot, the values that make the brand must be apparent. Design, ethical sourcing, transparency, community - we take all these into careful consideration. If a product we make or carry doesn't hold these dear and integral, it doesn't become a part of our brand. 

My hope is that these things we believe in, whether it's our product or the ideals we hold true, might eventually share company with you in your daily life. 

Jordan Fox, Founder / Owner